Common Problems In Warehouse Management Center

- May 31, 2020-

Many dealers have different warehouses, locations, sizes and layouts. But there are many similar problems.

The warehouse is the base of every dealer. It is related to the preservation of goods, logistics, and the speed of distribution of goods. There will not be a large number of temporary products, and there will be a lot of backlog of unmarketable products.

If the warehouse is not managed well, the whole chain will have problems.Most dealers have the same problem in warehouse management:

1. The location and design of the warehouse are not reasonable

To be able to store goods, security can be safe, many distributors are so simple to the warehouse, so the selection of the warehouse is more inclined to some old factories, old warehouses, and few people rent a professional warehouse.

And in the warehouse design is also very simple, can move goods, can be passed, convenient. The final result is confusion within the warehouse and no rules. It is not convenient to move goods, it is inconvenient for people to pass, and it also affects the utilization of warehouse space.

2. No rules for placing goods

A lot of times, when the goods arrive, they will be unloaded and placed. If the arrangement is not reasonable, not disagreement, it will not only waste space, but also cause the backlog of products. The unmarketable products cannot be cleared quickly, and it will even provoke the South toad.

3. The function of the storehouse is in disorder

For many dealers, warehouses are not just places for storing goods, but for employees' dormitories. They are garage. Under such circumstances, the environment of the warehouse becomes more chaotic. Messy warehouses will weaken the function of the warehouse itself, resulting in the inability to separate the living areas from the workplaces, which will breed a series of problems.

4. The work of the warehouse staff is not clear

The work of warehouse management personnel is not simple, but in many cases, it tends to become a repository. When the library is in a lot of leisure time, when it is really used, there is three questions about the warehouse condition. Unclear responsibilities and inadequate management will bring great trouble.

5. Product unsalable, Advent products

Every time the warehouse is organized, there will be a lot of unsalable products and products on time. These products are forgotten in the corner of the warehouse, or are at the bottom of the backlog.

Some products are even more popular products, but they cannot be saved near the shelf life. These are also the result of bad warehouse management, which can only be handled with reluctantly.

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