Comparison Of Three-upright Storage Rack And Conventional Shelves

- May 14, 2019-

Werfor storage shelf: The three-column shelf is the shelf with three columns on the side column, which corresponds to the conventional shelf. There are usually only two uprights on the side of a conventional shelf. These two types of shelves are one of the shelves of the shelves, and are also the storage shelves.

Three column common column specifications: 55 * 47, 90 * 80 80 * 60. Because of the need for the placement of goods, it can also be customized. The reason why the three-column shelves exist, is mainly to place goods with large weight and large area.

Comparing the three-column shelves and the conventional shelves, it can be found that the three-column shelves have high carrying capacity, wide planks, many reinforcing ribs, and more types of storage goods, but the cost is higher than that of conventional shelves. The shelf beams are the same as the standard shelf beams, respectively P-beams and rectangular beams, and the shelf laminates are designed according to the shelf depth. The difference from ordinary shelves is that the three-column shelves actually have three shelf beams on each floor. This beam is mainly used to strengthen the force.

Before you need to order the three-column shelves, you need to know the volume and weight of the loaded goods. If the standard volume of the cargo and the weight can be satisfied, you don't need to order three-column shelves, which will increase the storage cost.

According to industry experience, to customize the three-column shelves, the goods must meet the two conditions and be indispensable.

The cargo is bulky and the cargo is heavy. If the cargo is heavy and small, you can adopt the scheme of adding reinforcement at the bottom of the laminate, or increase the specifications of the column and the beam; if the cargo is large, the weight is small, it is recommended to adjust the spacing of the laminate and increase the height of the column. All of the above two schemes can replace the three-column racks to achieve safe storage without hidden dangers.