Delivery Of Cargo From Storage S...matic Storage System(1 Of 4)

- Jun 04, 2020-

The strict distinction is between the simultaneous operation of shuttles and the operation of the same set of Shuttle Cruiser System.

The internal storage reservoir is divided into 6 areas, a total of 6 sets of Shuttle Cruiser System, equipment and space distribution of abnormal due to some uncertain factors, in the actual warehouse storage process, for each type of product is not possible in 6 areas of uniform distribution. Therefore, we in the library run wave, through artificial intervention, according to the selection of library area real time, try to do 6 sets of Shuttle Cruiser System can operate at the same time, or 3 out of order which is not in the same area, according to the area distribution of goods out of storage in the same fault zone situation.

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