Delivery Of Cargo From Storage S...matic Storage System(3 Of 4)

- Jun 06, 2020-

Increase delivery of cargo from storageunstacking position numbers.

According to the planning and design, there are 3 robots in the dismantling area of the outgoing robot. There are 6 caching positions for each robot, including the disassembly station. When the original system scheduling strategy is equal to the cache location when the number of pallets to the robot is equal to the cache location, the WCS system will not schedule the subsequent outgoing task of the order. In the actual process of optimization, the cache position increased to 8, of which 2 is the number of online as cache, further increases cluster separation of one car, a guarantee from the unstacking robot tray supply enough; for 2 more than the online cache tray, WCS will dispatch the control of the system running in the transport link on the main line, to ensure that does not affect the other tray operation to the robot workstation cache.

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