Design Optimization Of Electricity Supplier Warehousing

- Jun 10, 2020-

The warehouse layout planning is based on the needs of the warehouse production and management, planning for all the facilities of the whole warehouse, determining the production, auxiliary production, administrative and other places, the distribution and determination of the warehouse, operation, road, doorman and so on, and distinguishes all kinds of facilities and buildings. Such as warehouse yard number, road naming, administrative office area identification and so on.

The space utilization of the warehouse, the access of goods, the way of sorting and the efficiency of turnover affect the order processing speed of the business enterprise and the satisfaction of the consumer to its logistics service. Combined with the wide variety of Electricity supplier warehousing, the weight and size of goods vary.The design of multi-storeymezzanine gradually develops from single access to multi-functional access. From a single rack category to a variety of rack categories to develop to meet the diverse needs of e-commerce customers.

According to the basic principle of "best warehouse space utilization, most storage of goods, fast and convenient transportation path, shorten operation time, improve operation efficiency", according to the requirements of storage items, the layout of warehouse design is rationally planned, the suitable rack structure and the mode of goods and goods are selected.

1. Racking layout planning

We should repeatedly communicate and demonstrate the planning plan according to the degree of customer logistics management refinement. It is also necessary to classify storage items, such as where the best-selling products and the non-selling products should be placed separately, so as to facilitate quick access. When the racks are idle or occupied a lot, how to adjust the location of goods to ensure efficient shipping, etc., need detailed planning and design. At the same time, we should choose the suitable location and mode of the upper floor of the platform.

2. Rackingtype selection

According to the type, size and weight of storage items, a reasonable selection is made. Such as pallet rack, longspan shelving, gravity rack can be used in combination.

3. Racking design

We should consider using adjustable plates or dividers to separate goods from different specifications. When the business volume of different specification goods increases and decreases, then the "full" or "empty" changes will occur. At this time, these adjustable plates or dividers can flexibly adjust the cargo position to adapt to the changes.

4. Rapid shipment of Electricity supplier warehousing

When designing the hydraulic lifting platform, sometimes we need to add slides. The advantage of this application is that when the business volume suddenly increases or the power fails, the goods can be transported manually through the slide.

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