Development Trend And Influencin...nd Distribution Integration

- Jun 13, 2020-

The emergence of warehousing and distribution integration is undoubtedly the result of technological development of new retail market channel reorganization and interconnection (IOT) network, so the scale and speed of future development also have a certain relationship with it. As logistics automation and engineering practitioners, the author is very difficult to judge the final situation for the future of this round of new retail development, although the 2017 business growth and parcel growth rate slowed in 2016, but tens of percent growth in terms of the size of a huge industry is very rare. If this trend will continue for many years, there will be more practitioners pouring into the market, and the market will enter the stage of the development of the flock and the fierce competition. It can be predicted that such an industrial structure will remain for a considerable period of time. For all participants, the following aspects are the core factors that affect the development of enterprises.

1. Network and service capacity

Including center warehouse, warehouse layout and open satellite capacity, transportation capacity and flexible allocation, service standards and service quality etc.. At present, the development of the cloud warehouse is hindered, not only the problem of warehouse construction, but also the lack of connectivity, so the capacity and flexibility of the trunk transportation are particularly critical.

2. Supply chain design capability

The ability of controlling and designing the supply chain of different industries, the ability of customer big data service, and the accuracy of sales forecasting models are undoubtedly at the initial stage of construction.

3. Logistics facilities and technology application ability

The logistics park and logistics facilities' new and transformation level, as well as the automation logistics technology R & D and customization capabilities, have been greatly influenced by many enterprises. Different levels of ability lead to different costs and different customer experiences. Logistics facilities construction of aggressive present phenomenon, but different levels of facilities, the construction standard and pattern repeat, customized service ability is insufficient.

4. Comprehensive IT capability

It includes the construction ability of information system, the ability of building OMS/WMS/TMS system, and it is very important to support sales platform management, provide transparent service for storage and distribution, and provide Open API open data interface OMS system.

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