Do Not Blindly Believe That The Greater The Thickness Of Rack Materials, The Better

- Jun 14, 2020-

What is the thickness of columns and beams of storage racks in your company?

Other racks companies help us design warehouse storage rack beam and upright material than you are thicker than you.

Does your company use materials to meet our load? Will there be any problem? Why are other companies thicker than you use?

Do not blindly believe that the greater the thickness of rack materials, the better!!!

Storage racks material is not as thick as possible, thicker and safer, thicker and stronger, but this is not the case!

Welfor, when recommending and designing storage racks for customers, will understand detailed parameters of the customer's goods, pallets and warehouses, and then recommend or design suitable storage racks for the customers according to these data, and the selection of large and small materials for each storage rack is scientifically calculated and The force analysis ensures that the bearing requirements of customers can be satisfied and the safety accidents caused by too small rack materials are avoided.

Welfor has been established for fourteen years, thousands of warehouse racks, long-term design and production experience and customer feedback use, we have been confirmed and certified.

Welfor made storage racks with national standard Q235 steel to ensure the quality of raw materials. At present, some illegal manufacturers in the market do hand and foot on raw materials, although they claim that the material is thicker than us, but because of the use of somenon-national standard steel or other low quality steel, the final production of the warehouse. The stability of storage racks is very poor, which is far inferior to the storage racks made of high quality steel products.

When the storage rack appears, it is made of angle iron and channel steel. In the process of storage rack development, the column is developed by the angle iron channel steel development --5 edge column --7 edge column --9 frilled uprights with reinforcement. Here we can find that storage racks in the development process is the use of continuous progressive die technology, gradually using the die edge technology, so that the columns of the increased fold, reinforcement, so as to achieve the storage rack column bearing capacity. Therefore, the carrying capacity of storage racks should not be limited to the thickness of materials.

Inferior rack, mutability, poor stability

High quality rack, choose the best material, the structure is more stable, and the service life is longer.

No matter how thick storage racks, how strong the load bearing capacity, if the installation technology does not pass, the stored goods over the storage rack estimation of the bearing capacity will be very dangerous, light is easy to deform the rack, reduce the service life, heavy storage racks collapse and cause casualties.

From the point of view of the cost of the enterprise, the more expensive the material is, the higher the cost of purchasing. In the purchase of storage racks, choose the appropriate material to meet the load requirements, not the thicker the better.

So, Welfor reminds you that the material thickness of the rack is a guarantee of safety, but it cannot just be superstitious. Consideration should also be given to the scientific addition of reinforcement, the quality and technology of welding, the level of installation, and the cost of procurement.

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