Do You Know The Reasons That Affect The Price Of The Heavy Duty Rack

- Jun 15, 2020-

Heavy duty rack as professional logistics equipment, a wide range of styles, many styles, can meet the various requirements of consumers. Heavy rack bearing gravity large, heavy racks carrying maximum of up to 5000kg per layer, fast and convenient access, and assembly way of assembly, installation and disassembly convenient, strong versatility. It is the most widely used pallet cargo storage system. This rack is ideal when you need more than 500kg of each rack.

Many companies face different prices in the process of buying heavy racks, or the prices of different vendors on the two surfaces are different. So how do you buy the heavy racks for the warehouse? Welfor reminds you that there are many factors to consider when buying, because the price of heavy racks is affected by many factors. Next, Welfor will give you a detailed account of the three major factors that affect the price of heavy racks.

Reason 1: production materials, heavy racks produced raw materials different, the price of raw materials will be different, which affects the cost of the rack, so the production of heavy rack prices will be different.

Reason two: heavy rack structure. The heavy rack structure, the price is different, the main structure of the rack is the column, beam and laminates. The thickness and specification of the plate are the determinants of the rack price.

Reason three: the location of the rack manufacturer. The local tax, the rental of the factory and the cost of the goods in the transportation process are the hidden costs of the heavy racks in the process of production. These factors also affect the production cost of the heavy rack.

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