E-commerce Manufacturers Are More Favored Light Duty Shelves

- Jun 03, 2019-

The trend of online shopping is getting more and more fierce, and a large number of e-commerce enterprises are developing rapidly under the influence of this shareholder. Especially in recent years, e-commerce enterprises are increasingly demanding the construction and management of their own warehouses. Many e-commerce companies hope Through the planning and construction of the warehouse to purchase storage shelves suitable for their own access needs, to improve warehouse storage and management, and improve access efficiency. E-commerce companies and textile enterprises have very different business models, and each e-commerce company operates a variety of products and a wide variety, so the ordinary shelves suitable for traditional enterprises may not meet the development and needs of e-commerce enterprises. This requires the shelf company to reform and innovate on the basis of traditional storage shelves according to actual needs in the process of communication with e-commerce companies, such as ordinary heavy-duty beam-type shelves with partitions and back nets. The attic shelves are designed according to actual needs. Multi-storey loft-style shelves and more. Among them, beam-type shelves are more favored by e-commerce companies. The beam type shelf is a professional warehouse shelf for accessing pallet goods. The structure is simple, safe and reliable, can be adjusted and combined arbitrarily, and has strong practicability and high cost performance. It is widely used in e-commerce enterprises. For warehouses that use beam-type shelves, the goods are usually stored in the shelves and stored in the shelves through pallets, storage cages and other unit assembly equipment. Beam-type shelves are one of the more common and widely used storage shelves, suitable for most warehouse or product cargo use. At the same time, the beam-type shelves have 100% optional picking characteristics. Handling machinery such as forklifts can reach any location for storage operations, storage operations are convenient and fast!

The small series of Chongqing shelf company Ouendee analyzes the main reasons why the beam-type shelves are favored in the e-commerce industry.

1. the beam type shelf structure is simple, safe and reliable, can be adjusted and combined arbitrarily, and the storage and storage is not restricted by the order of items.

2. the column of the beam type shelf is made up of columns, cross braces and diagonal braces. The column piece and the Ç-type welding beam are inserted into the shelf frame, and are fixed by a safety pin, and the structure is simple and reliable.

3. the beam type shelf can be used with the column, the size of the beam determines the layer load requirements, has the characteristics of large moment of inertia, strong layer load capacity and strong impact resistance.

As shown in Figure 4, the height of the single-column column of the beam-type shelf can reach 12 meters, the plasticity of the pallet shelf is large, and the mold shelf, the attic shelf, the three-dimensional library shelf, etc. can be made into a special oil drum shelf, etc. .

5. beam-type shelves can effectively improve the storage height of the warehouse and increase the space utilization rate of the warehouse. Suitable for all types of goods.

As shown in Figure 6, the beam-type shelf shape is safer, preventing the collision of the forklift and increasing the column foot and the anti-collision bar. In order to make the layer load safer, it is also possible to place beam brackets, laminates, mesh straddle beams and other ancillary facilities on the beam.

As shown in Fig. 7, the beam type shelf is low in cost, easy to install and operate, easy to find, suitable for any handling tool, and thus is a widely used shelf.

As shown in Fig. 8, the beam type shelf can also be equipped with a laminate, which can be a steel plate, a dense ammonia plate or a grid mesh. In order to use trays of different sizes.

Although beam-type shelves are very popular, because there are many differences between e-commerce companies and traditional industries, Chongqing Shelf Company can not copy the traditional industry cases when designing and recommending beam-type shelves for e-commerce companies, according to e-commerce companies. Specialities and operational needs, reformed and creative to meet their needs. When designing storage shelves for e-commerce companies, Chongqing shelves will be designed in combination with the characteristics of e-commerce products. For example, for footwear products, many designs and partition boards will be designed on the shelves to make different brands of footwear products. Can be separated, and in the cosmetics with a small footprint, the design of the carton on the shelf will be used to help the e-commerce company to solve the problem of product drop, while the weight is relatively large, the packaged product is made of beam-type shelves, etc. .