Effective Warehouse Management Method

- Jun 16, 2020-

Warehousing is the temporary storage of products due to pre order or pre market forecast in the process of production and circulation. It is a comprehensive place that reflects the material activities of factories, and is a transfer station connecting production, supply and sale. It plays an important supporting role in promoting the efficiency of production.

At the same time, around the warehouse entity activities, clear and accurate statements, receipts, accounts, accurate accounting of financial departments information are running at the same time, so warehousing is logistics, information flow, document flow of one.

Many warehouse managers will first consider of the effective use of tools and management methods for the allocation of materials in space and time. Thinking from the facilities, such as the use of arranging machine, can solve the problem of queuing FIFO. In addition to the distributed inventory management, inventory storage, one-way stack type color time mark method and many other methods of management.

The fact of inventory control is the first, followed by the FIFO execution, which need to take into account the turnover tool stack layout, three management capacities, quantitative, fixed.Lean on the FIFO storage has two basic principles, the first is the use of this principle in accordance with the order queue is first used, cannot jump the queue, so in the display when need to define the use of rules, if the material is large enough, can have a visual identification to determine the order of use.

The second is to determine the maximum amount of inventory that needs to be stopped when the inventory reaches the maximum, and to continue purchasing or production or transportation by addressing the exception.

In order to achieve FIFO, need to figure out two stations or warehouse to a reasonable maximum WIP station between the amount of what is depend on the calculation method in your pursuit, is to reduce production time, and solve the bottleneck of the loss of time, or to prevent disconnection etc.. Reasonable use of tools and excellent management methods, combined with lean production scientific theory, can effectively manage the storage.

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