Electric Mobile Rack Under The Concept Of Dense Storage

- Jun 17, 2020-

Because of the concept of dense storage, the racking system has also changed greatly. Most of the racking systems are now close to the concept of dense storage systems to adapt to the changes in the current logistics and storage systems. According to the demand of the current logistics and storage system, the racking system has formed part of the main rack type, which is mainly to meet the requirements of various types of logistics storage system, so as to maximize the demand for the current logistics and storage system, in order to improve the efficiency of the logistics storage system. At present, the most common types of pallet intensive racks in logistics and storage systems are mainly mechanical and electric. Mechanical racks are: drive inrack, pushback rack, gravity rack. Electric racks are:electric mobile rack, ASRS and radio shuttle rack.

Working principle of electric mobile rack under intensive storage concept

The electric mobile rack is installed on an electric driven platform, and the platform can be moved horizontally or vertically to save passage space. From the operation of the control panel, the storage channel to be accessed is opened to enable the fork lift truck to enter and access the goods. The electric mobile rack system is one of the rack systems of high density storage. It has a high storage capacity, and has a combination of active and passive protection measures, and has certain anti seismic performance.

Classification of electric mobile rack products under intensive storage concept

Electric mobile rack only need oneaisle, space utilization rate is very high, safe and reliable, easy to move, according to loadbearing can be divided into heavy, medium and light three kinds. Generally heavy duty rack is controlled by electric motor for easy movement. Light and medium size is generally used for manual movement, and it can also be used as electric mobile rack.

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