Factors Affecting Pricing Of Storage Rack

- Jun 19, 2020-

1. Types and specifications of warehouse racks: The prices of different types of warehouse racks must be different, for example, the prices of heavy-duty racks must be higher than those of medium-sized racks, because different types of warehouse racks are different in materials, processes, installation, and transportation and so on. The price is certainly different.

2. Storage rack design scheme and product quality: Different warehouse rack companies have differences in technical level and production process, and their warehouse rack prices are bound to be different. A serious, responsible and professional rack company will take into account the actual needs of customers, existing factory goods supporting equipment, all-round consideration, to design a scientific and reasonable storage rack program for customers; in the production process, production technology, raw materials used by different manufacturers before there are differences. Storage rack design and product quality are decisive factors affecting prices. Customers in the purchase of warehouse racks keep in mind a penny a piece of goods, select professional, formal rack manufacturers, and can conduct field visits.

3. Storage rack freight: warehouse rack transport is generally the choice of logistics, the closer the freight will be lower, but cannot be identified when purchasing warehouse racks must choose the nearest factory, because freight often only accounts for a very small part of the total price of warehouse racks, design and quality is the warehouse racks. Design plan and quality are the decisive factors of storage rack price.

4. Rack Delivery and Completion Period: If the normal delivery and completion time of the warehouse rack manufacturer cannot meet the customer's needs, the customer project is more urgent, hoping to complete the project in a shorter time, then the inevitable project is rising. The manufacturer needs to reconfigure all aspects of resources to ensure delivery. Storage and rack prices will naturally increase during the period of completion and completion.

5. installation difficulty of storage rack: installation difficulty is mainly reflected in labor cost and time cost. The installation and completion of some large storage rack items will require higher manpower and time. Simple, fewer warehouse rack items must cost less labor and time to install.

6. Service provided by warehouse rack manufacturers: service and no service, general service and quality service, the price is certainly not the same. I believe most customers are more willing to spend a little more money to get better pre-sale and after-sales service, rather than save a little money for later use and maintenance of hidden dangers.

7. tax: national tax rate is also an important factor in the market price.

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