Factory Shelves, Shelf Manufacturers Tell You How To Choose The Type Of Shelves

- May 10, 2019-

Factory-used shelves, generally our common types are medium-sized shelves, heavy-duty shelves are tray-type shelves (beam-type shelves), heavy-duty shelves, and the shelves we see in large supermarkets such as Metro are what we call heavy-duty shelves. Generally, the beam type structure is adopted, and the goods are accessed by forklifts, and the pallets are loaded with goods. Generally, the load is relatively large, the structure is stable and safe, and the goods placed are also clear and conspicuous.

The general length of heavy-duty shelves is designed according to the tray *2+300mm of the factory. The height is designed according to the height of the forklift and the warehouse. The width is designed according to the length of the non-forward direction of the pallet minus 100mm. The load requirements are based on the load of the two pallets plus a certain reserved load bearing design.

Medium-sized shelves are generally used in warehouses and hardware warehouses. The spare parts warehouse is used more often. It is generally used for workstation shelves. It uses manual access to goods, such as parts boxes and carton placement. We recommend medium-sized shelves and medium-sized shelves. The load is generally designed in 200-500KG. It adopts beam + laminate design, simple structure and convenient installation. It is a common type of shelf.

Factory shelves generally use the above types of shelves, and some factories have through shelves, attic shelves, fluent shelves, etc., depending on the specific design and customer requirements.

Reminder: When choosing a shelf, customers must be aware of the weight of the goods they need to load, and pay attention to the ground bearing capacity of the shelf installation site to prevent a safety accident.