Features Of Shuttle Rack

- Jul 01, 2019-

Shuttle rack system is a storage system composed of high density storage racking,shuttle and forklift.This new concept storage racking system is more powerful in operation than that of traditional storage racking, which enable it to take advantage of warehouse space sufficiently. The space utilization rate is more than 80%.


Shuttle removing

Shuttles can be removed by forklift to different tunnels of racking, one set of shuttle can be used for many racking tunnels. The quantity of shuttle depends on the depth of racking tunnels, goods, lots of goods picking and the frequency of goods picking, etc.



1. Pallet loading:

When loading, the pallets are placed at the front of the racking tunnel rail by forklift. By the radio remote control operation, the shuttle carries pallets running on the rail of racking

2. Pallet picking

When picking, the shuttle carries pallets from deep side to the front side of racking, the pallets are to be picked from racking by forklift.

Drawing & Quotation needs

1. Layout or dimension of warehouse (length*width*height)

2. Size of pallet and goods (Depth*width*height)

3. Weight per pallet after loaded