Force Analysis Of Warehouse Storage Rack

- Jun 25, 2020-

Load capacity of each layer on all kinds of warehouse storage racking is carried from several dozen kilograms to several thousand kilograms different. Its range of load capacity varies greatly. How about the loading situation of the storage racking, and how many tons of cargo are safe and reliable for each layer? Welfor analyzes the overall situation of the racking loading force, to guide customers to correctly consider and evaluate storage racking.

Warehouse storage rack is a large span space structure which composed of beam, upright and other accessories. It belongs to self-balancing structural system. Generally, the different stress states of the storage racking can be defined as zero state. From the perspective of professional in terms of goods stored on racking by the beams transmit the force to the uprights, the longitudinal force (vertical direction), commonly known as gravity, acting directly on the upright, then the force is transmitted to the ground, the ground and the upright shared in this direction the force.

In addition, there is a horizontal pulling force, which directly affects the overall stability of the storage racking. Therefore, a set of quality and technical storage racking, its force is a whole, and vice versa, is partial in the force, the local force of the racking.Its security risks are great. Some buyers covet is cheap, simple and rough selection is not suitable for installation in the warehouse racking, because of stress is not a whole, partial stress is too large, resulting in the loss of racking deformation occurs, the situation has occurred.

Therefore, comprehensive understandings of the storage loadcapacity of storage racking after the situation. This is about how to choose the high quality rack, how to reasonable use and maintenance of racking, how to prevent and eliminate security risks in the use of the racking, to ensure the storage of personal and product safety, reduce or eliminate the security risks caused by the economic loss is very important.

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