Four Problems That To Be Stereoscopic Warehouse Automation Projects

- Jun 27, 2020-

1. We must examine the project and focus on the actual business needs, rather than automation for automation. When considering automation, it is also necessary to consider manual operations that are compatible with it. As a matter of fact, there is basically no solid warehouse which is a real three-dimensional warehouse. Any stereoscopic warehouse is a combination of automation and manual work. When planning a project, a plan database is needed. Generally speaking, the throughput, storage capacity and the type of order goods should be taken into account in the next 3-5 years.

2. Carry out technical assessment to determine whether automation is appropriate. Depending on warehouse throughput and storage needs, it is possible to determine the degree of automation and automation required.

According to the level of operation, warehouse operations can be divided into four levels: low to high. As warehouse operations become more complex and storeroom capacity increases, so will our choices. For example, when the warehouse orders more than 500 hours per hour, then automated operations are put on the agenda.

3. When determining the need for automation, the next step is to examine the performance of the device in detail. The optional features of each selected device can be selected only through the "yes / no" box. For example, a double deep automatic storage system is sufficient for an advanced first out storeroom, without the need for a double deep storage system or a dense crane system. With such meticulous assessment of the characteristics of the equipment, it is possible to justifiably conclude that some equipment is abandoned.

After the end of this process, there may be only two or three more appropriate alternatives to stay, and then the overall cost comparison of the remaining two or three options. The relative cost should be taken into account when comparing. For example, on the basis of considering the capital investment of equipment, the occupying space, the number of operators, maintenance and maintenance are taken into account.

The possible cost of the cost may include the rent of the area of the equipment, the tax, the electricity and water, the fire equipment, the cost of operation and maintenance, and the cost of labor. At the same time, because these expenditures are one-time expenditures, some are paid in installments, and the exact annual operating expenses of each plan should be measured exactly. The more appropriate method is to discount the expenditure related to the warehouse automation project according to the depreciation years of the equipment and the expected rate of return, and compare the discounted cash flow out of each scheme, just like housing mortgage, converting the one-time or periodic cost expenditure into the average expenditure for a certain number of years.

4. Make sensitivity analysis according to the environmental parameters and contingencies set at the planning stage. By analyzing the changes in the working environment, whether the final selection will change, we can find the potential defects of the plan. At this point, the computer simulation test will come in handy. For example, after testing a crane's failure in the automatic storage system, it will only affect the whole operation by entering the relevant parameters. In major automation projects, it is necessary that it is very easy to test the design on a computer, and when it comes to the signing stage, it is difficult to find it unfit to turn back.

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