Four Suggestions About Green Logistics Warehousing System

- Jun 30, 2020-

1. The energy optimization of architecture

When we plan the new warehouse or modificate one, the use of renewable energy should be considered.In put solar panels on the roof is a common practice, especially in view of the large warehouse with large area roof, it makes a company easier to complete commitment to environmental protection.

However, energy efficiency of warehouse is a wide-ranged topic. For example, your warehouse fully insulated? All the doors can be properly closed that enough to prevent loss of energy? Are you use low-energy light bulbs? What kind of raw material can be used for heating? Combining these effective measures can bring an impressive result, and achieve the total energy balance.

2. Tools of path planning and emissions calculation

In transporting goods between different devices, from distribution center to send the goods to the customer, these are normal things. It always tends to be the most efficient path, but this may be a fallacy.

When checking the transport, storage and order picking, we tend to find measures to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. The software solution of this kind of demand is likely to help you. Computer optimized path can help you saving energy in two ways: lower fuel consumption, and spend less time, even consider other more efficient mode of transportation, such as railway transportation.


3.Using energy-efficient transmission technology

Most people do not doubt their transportation equipment waste a lot of energy, but that is the fact. Fortunately, the advanced technology has solved the problem; the energy recovery system can save at least 50% of the energy.

As energy prices rising, we need to consider much more on saving energy. Many energy saving measures can achieve financial balanced in three years. If you want to transform conveying equipment, then consult your storage system supplier with the following problems: energy recovery system, engine efficiency optimization,reducing the waste of waiting, intelligent control and turns off peak operation.

4.Buying a complete system

Buying different components from different vendors look to save money, but it is a trap. In fact this is not a wise choice, in the process of long-term use, the operating cost is higher than the savings, that means lose more.

Completed system works more efficient, because the components will coordinate between each other perfectly, the reduction in the number of interfaces also can prevent the unnecessary loss. In general, reducing the complexity of the system helps to get positive results, is not only affect the financial situation but also the conducive to environmental protection.

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