Gravity Rack Used In Breweries And Food Factories

- Jul 01, 2020-

With the continuous development and maturity of rack industry technology in China, gravity racks have been used in domestic warehouses. Although the construction cost of gravity rack warehouses is relatively high, the application rate of gravity rack warehouses in China's small and medium-sized enterprises is not very high, but its development prospects are good, and the future demand will be growing.

Gravity racks are designed with roller pedestals, properly tilted, driven by the weight of goods, trays are stored densely and in the best physical cycle to achieve first-in-first-out logistics effect. A dense storage warehouse system can make full use of the warehouse area, which is about 30% higher than the general fixed rack warehouse area utilization.

It is especially suitable for the storage of goods with fast turnover speed and FIFO requirement, such as the application in breweries, food factories and various production lines.

The four basic principles of Welfor gravity rack design are:

The length of the ramp is moderate

The total depth of the rack design (i.e. the length of the guide rail) should not be too large, otherwise the unavailable upper and lower "dead angle" will be larger, affecting the use of space, and the ramp is too long, the controllability of the slide will be poor, the sliding momentum will be greater, easy to cause the slide is not smooth, blocked, pallet cargo turnover.

The slope is reasonable

After the slideway is installed on the rack, it should be guaranteed to have a certain slope, so that the tray can slide under the action of gravity. If the slope is too small, the tray will not slide or slide smoothly; if the slope is too large, the tray will slide too fast, causing impact or tipping.

In addition, the gradient also depends on the material of the tray bottom, for wooden trays, generally 3.5% - 3.0%; for plastic trays, 2.5% - 2.0%; for steel trays, 2.0% - 1.5%. In actual warehouse design, the best choice of slope should be determined after detailed calculation and experiment.

Add damping device

In order to make the slide smooth, such as a long ramp, in order to make the pallet cargo slide to the bottom without overturning due to excessive impact, should be set at the lowest part of the ramp buffer device and pick-up separator, so the design, manufacture, installation is more difficult and the cost is higher.

Racks should not be too high

No matter what kind of rack type warehouse, reliability and operability is particularly important, and gravity racks are generally less than 6 meters, the weight of single cargo is generally less than 1000KG, if the height is too high, single cargo is too heavy, its reliability and operability will be greatly reduced.

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