Hospital Logistics And Technology Application(1 Of 2)

- Jul 02, 2020-

Pneumatic conveying system

Medical pneumatic logistics transmission system is powered by compressed air, by means of electrical technology and computer control technology, through the network management and monitoring, the nursing station, Department of surgery, each ward center pharmacy, laboratory and other dozens or even hundreds of jobs, even as a whole through the transmission pipeline, the flow driven by intelligent. Two points to realize the small items of drugs, medical records and specimens can be put into the bottle through various transmission pipelines between the sites to point transmission. The system is generally used to transport goods with light weight and small size. Its characteristics include: low cost, fast speed, small noise, long transportation distance, convenient and clean, high frequency, small space and high popularity.

Logistics transportation system of trolley

The logistics transportation system of the track car refers to the system that uses the intelligent track vehicle to transmit the goods on the special track under the control of the computer. Its main advantages include heavy cargo and relatively large volume. Generally, the loading capacity can reach 10~30 kilograms. It has advantages for transporting hospital fluids, batch inspection specimens, supplies room, etc., but with relatively slow transmission speed and high cost.

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