Hospital Logistics And Technology Application(2 Of 2)

- Jul 03, 2020-

Automatic guidance vehicle (AGV) conveying system

Automatic guided vehicle (AGV) transmission system refers to the automatic guided vehicle in computer and wireless local area network under the control of the unmanned, magnetic and laser guide device, and set the path running along the process and docked to the designated location, the completion of a series of articles transfer, handling and other operations, mainly used to replace labor intensive the cart, transporting the patient meals, clothing, medical waste and batch supply room disinfection, can realize the transfer between the buildings and the floor. Compared with other transportation systems, the advantages of AGV are: no need to lay track and other fixed lines, no restriction on site, road and space, strong flexibility and flexible load, but initial investment is large, and it is not suitable for crowded area.

Box type logistics transportation system

The box type logistics delivery system is a new intelligent logistics delivery system, which transfers materials into large capacity turnover boxes, and transfers them through the turnover box at the beginning and the destination of material transportation, so as to achieve the purpose of material delivery. In the operation of the system, it is only necessary for the workers to put the turnover box with conveying materials into the entry station of the initial station, and the turnover box will be automatically transported to the equipment of the destination station. The whole process does not require manual operation to input the starting site, and the logistics system is connected with the hospital information management system (HIS) to achieve the docking of material delivery information. A logistics system can deliver infusion drugs (infusion), drugs, specimens, surgical instruments, sterile products, disinfection bags, clothing, supplies etc. hospital supplies, basic can be put into the turnover box of hospital material can realize automatic transmission, can solve the hospital within 90% of the material conveying task.

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