How Can The Racks And Forklifts B...elected To Reduce Collisions

- Jul 05, 2020-

1. In warehouse planning, the rack manufacturer can be required to increase the width of the drive in rack corridor appropriately, and reserve some safety distance for the driver in advance, so as to reduce the collision between the forklift and the bracket.

2. Adding a protective cover to the bracket or guardrail, although this method can reduce the damage caused by forklift trucks to the racks, it also provides opportunities for drivers with poor technical level, making it difficult for managers to judge the driver's operation level.

3. Draw a visual deceleration line on the ground of the passage instead of the deceleration mark. In many cases, experienced drivers drive faster and there is a certain distance between the visual measurement gap and the actual gap, so the simple deceleration mark may not play a very obvious role.

4. Installing the forklift gear sleeve on the forklift truck can effectively reduce the damage to the side and middle corner of the tray; however, whether this method is feasible or not, it is better to pass the safety test of the forklift truck manufacturer.

In fact, in addition to the above four points, how to reduce the collision of forklift trucks on drive in rack, the most important thing is that managers put forward requirements, on the one hand, forklift drivers before entering the job, to enhance pre-job training, improve the safety awareness of drivers, on the other hand, the driver after entering the job, to strengthen the examination of forklift drivers. As forklift drivers, they also need to constantly improve their own technical level and safety meaning, in order to fundamentally avoid collision problems.

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