How Can The Size Of Plastic Pal...d According To Requirements

- Jul 06, 2020-

1. First consider the packaging specifications of goods and the way to put them on plastic pallets. For example, the European standard revolving box size is 600 * 400 mm, in 1200 * 1000 mm pallet one layer placed five, in 1200 * 800 mm pallet one layer placed four, generally stacked five layers.

2. Consider the condition of pallet loading tools (such as containers, trucks, etc.). For example, if it is round-trip turnover or one-time use, the need to give priority to the width of the shipping container 2,300 mm integration, for 1,200 * 1,000 mm pallets, to use a combination of 1,200 mm long and 1,000 mm wide, must choose four-way fork. For 1200*800mm pallets, two groups are placed side by side in the direction of 800mm width. For 1100*1100mm pallets, the width of 1100mm can be placed in 2 rows, 2 into the fork or 4 into the fork.

3. If used on warehouse shelves, the width and depth of the shelves should be taken into account. Usually two pallets are placed on each shelf of the selected shelves, leaving about 200 mm of access space. Give large dimensions in the depth direction as far as possible, so that do not produce a plastic pallet load carrying capacity of the harsh requirements to save procurement costs.

4. If it is used on the shelves of the automated warehouse, in addition to meeting the above requirements, the antiskid coefficient of the pallet, the coordination between the bottom of the pallet and the chain conveyor, the fork height, the loading capacity of the upper shelf, the permanent deformation, the deflection of the long and short sides, the location of the bar code and the placement of RFID chips should also be considered.

5. The size of plastic pallets should also be considered versatility. At present, the domestic commonly used sizes are 1210 international standard type, 1208 European standard type and T11 standard type pallets.

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