How E-commerce Warehouse Storage Shelves Design

- Jul 07, 2020-

E-commerce shelf displays shall be followed: do not go back, shelves guidelines first documentary mode, planning details of road, the speed of the 4 principles, which requires that manufacturers in the electrical business warehouse shelves planning and reasonable layout, so as to plan the best. The following is a many years of experience in production and sales of intelligent storage compare identity.

1. The shelf layout planning

Shelves on the layout to qualify for E-commerce customers logistics management level of refinement, planning scheme for communication and demonstrated repeatedly, such as new product shelf list before, and best selling rack column second, plain pin shelves column, the farthest for unsold shelves. For faster access, while shelves idle or flood, how a adjust the location of the goods to ensure efficient delivery requires a detailed planning, etc. And should give full consideration to the electric fan warehouse operation flow and management process, as far as possible let the shelves of the primary and secondary channel unobstructed, and ensure the correct flow of goods, in order to ensure the warehouse work not cause large channel blocking.


2. Selection of shelves

Shelves according to the function and the load can be divided into many types, such as the use which kinds of shelves, as we will be according to the specific product shelf company size, type, reasonable recommendations, such as weight in any heavy or large goods storage, for example, recommend heavy shelves, normal weight and item category is various, and smaller will recommend attic shelf, etc., or a combination of different types of shelves.

3. Shelf design

Electricity business scope widely, might involve shoes clothes, cosmetics, household appliances, etc., and this requires a shelf company spend bit of idea on shelves design, such as for footwear products, design a partition, thereby preventing code into a different brand, shoes, cosmetics can classify design specific box, besides, still can design network, to prevent the goods fall off.

4. Cargo shipment

With the demand of E-commerce enterprise fast delivery, in addition to design hydraulic lift platform, can also add a slide, avoid the power failure to effect shipment.

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