How Is The Steel Platform Classified

- Jul 08, 2020-

The modern steel platform has various forms and functions. The biggest feature of the structure is fully assembled, which is flexible in design and widely used in modern storage.

An engineering structure made of steel, usually made up of beams, uprights, plates, etc.,and other parts connected by welds, screws, or rivets.

What are the components of the steel platform?

The platform structure is usually made up of flooring plates, primary and secondary beams, uprights and bracings, as well as ladder, railings and so on.

How are the racks of steel platforms classified?

According to the requirements, it can be divided into base and upper platform, bearing static load and dynamic load platform, production auxiliary platform, and medium and heavy operation platforms.

A platform placed directly on the tripod or bracket of a workshop column is usually a safe aisle or a simple medium-sized operation platform.One side supports the wall of the workshop column or building, and the other side has an independent column platform.For platforms with large dynamic loads or heavy equipment, they should be detached from workshop columns and directly supported on independent columns.

Under what conditions do you need to order a steel platform?

1. Meets the requirements of process operation and ensures clearance of access and operation. The general net height should not be less than 1.8M. Generally, the protective railing should be installed around the platform. The height of the balustrade is usually 1M. When the platform height is greater than 2M, a skirting board with a height of 100-150mm should also be placed under the protective railing. The ladder should be set up for the upper and lower passes, and the width of the ladder should not be less than 600mm.

2. In order to determine the plane size, elevation, beam grid and column network layout of the platform structure, the layout of the beam and column should still consider the equipment load on the platform, the location of the other large concentrated loads and the hanging of the large diameter industrial pipe.

3. The layout of the platform should be economical and reasonable, and the transmission force should be clear. When the span of beam is large, its spacing should also be increased. We should make full use of the permitted span of the plank and rationally arrange the grillage to achieve better economic results.

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