How To Avoid Collision Between Forklift And Rack

- Jul 13, 2020-

In large warehouses, cargos are frequently handled by forklifts, stacking cranes, etc., which inevitably collide with the racking the warehouse. In particular, some of the less experienced forklift operators are limited in operation, causing damage to fences, brackets and pallets. Here, Welfor gives some tips to reduce the probability of forklift collision on racking.

1. In the warehouse plan, racking design personnel can according to the actual situation of the warehouse owner, increasing the shelf width of the aisle, the operator in advance in order to reserve some safe distance, which can effectively reduce the impact of forklift bracket.

2. Add protective cover, such as installing fork sleeve on fork or adding protective cover on bracket and guardrail. However, although this method can reduce the damage of the forklift to the shelf, it provides some opportunities for some operators with poor technical level, and it is very difficult to judge the level of the driver's operation.

3. Deceleration lines instead of deceleration marks in the ground, the visual channel often experienced driver, driving faster, resulting in the visual measurement gap and the gap between the actual existences of a certain distance, so the effect is not obvious signs of a possible slowdown.

4. Choose professional forklift driver and regular training, on the one hand, the forklift driver before entry, strengthen pre job training, and improve the safety awareness of drivers, on the other hand, the driver after the entry, to strengthen the assessment work of the forklift driver.

In short, in order to reduce the collision between the truck and the shelves, not only to choose the perfect plan given racking manufacturers of professional, but also the warehouse staff more attentively and carefully, and constantly improve their occupation skills.

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