How To Avoid Forklift Bumping Into Storage Racking

- Jul 14, 2020-

For large scale warehouse, it is common to carry goods or pallets by forklift or stacker which is easy to bump into racking frames. Protect braces and pallets may be damaged by forklift operated by new drivers or unskilled drivers.

Nanjing Welfor Storage Solutions will give you several suggestions to help avoid forklift bumping into storage racking:

1. At the beginning of planning on a warehouse, designers should enlarge the width of aisles between racks to reserve the safe distance. In this way collisions between forklift and brackets can be effectively prevented.

2. Add protective covers to forks as well as brackets and protection pegs. However, protective covers may reduce the damage to storage racking, they also provide some benefit to unskilled forklift drivers. So in this way it is hard to judge a driver’s driving skill.

3. Draw some slow down marks or lines on warehouse ground instead of putting up slow down signs. For experienced drivers, they tend to operate forklifts in a high speed that visual distance may differ from actual distance. So simple slow down signs are definitely not standing out enough.

4. Hire skilled and experienced drivers and organize training regularly. On one hand, company should emphasis safety driving before they get to real work. On the other, company should evaluate the work of regular drivers.

All in all, in order to reduce the damage caused by collision between forklift trucks and storage racking, it is necessary to choose racking systems designed by professional storage companies. And warehouse workers should also be careful and enhance the occupational skills of themselves.

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