How To Check Before Acceptance Of ASRS(1 Of 2)

- Jul 15, 2020-

The acceptance of ASRS needs special knowledge. As a complete acceptance procedure, it includes the acceptance outline, the inspection of the integrity of the goods, the inspection of the technical data, the inspection of the installation, the test of the function parameter, the failure and safety test, the ability test, the reliability test and so on. The following Welfor is explained by one by one.

Acceptance syllabus

The acceptance outline determines the acceptance content, the time arrangement, the test case preparation, the material preparation, the personnel preparation, the test form, the test index, the test basis, and the test report and so on.

Acceptance is not just a party's work. It should include integrators, suppliers and users. Everyone should sign the test results.

Inspection of arrival integrity

Check the integrity of the goods on the basis of the list of contracts, including equipment name, specification, brand, quantity and so on.

The list of goods should be paid attention to, and the installation results should be based on the installation of goods. For equipment such as pallets, forklifts and cattle, equipment such as pallets, forklifts, and cattle should be counted, and the spare parts should be transferred according to the list, and the missing goods should be recorded and supplemented.

Technical data inspection

Technical documents, including drawings, technical specifications, use and maintenance instructions, training materials, etc., are an integral part of the system. The integrity checking of files is very important.

As an important part, staff trainers ensure the smooth transfer of the system. Whether the training meets the requirements should be determined through examination results and practical test records. This is often easy to ignore.

Installation inspection

The inspection of the installation is more professional. It can be carried out according to the large class. Such as shelves, conveyor, stacking machine and so on.

Installation is divided into two parts: appearance check and dimension check.

The so-called appearance inspection, including whether the installation meets the requirements of the beautiful, the surface protection is in place, the connection is smooth, the bolt is missing and loosened, the parts have defects, etc. The appearance inspection should be carried out one by one, which is a very tedious task.

Dimension inspection should be measured according to the design requirements, such as whether the deformation of the shelf meets the requirements, whether the track connection meets the requirements, and so on. For large-scale inspection, the installation side is required to conduct its own tests and then spot check.

Functional parameter test

Rack: mainly includes production error, installation error, plate thickness, coating, bearing, deformation and other requirements. For earthquake load requirements, FEM calculation is generally carried out.

Stacker: motor and reducer brand, power, fork brand, laser brand, photoelectric switch brand, quantity, lifting, running, speed and acceleration of the fork, safety device, limit switch, heavy load test and so on;

Conveyor: motor and reducer brand, power, fork brand, photoelectric switch brand and quantity, bar code scanner brand and quantity, position, size, load (full load), auxiliary facilities and so on;

Shuttle car: motor and reducer brand, power, photoelectric switch brand and quantity, speed and acceleration of operation and transfer, safety device, limit switch and heavy load test.

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