How To Check Before Acceptance Of ASRS(2 Of 2)

- Jul 16, 2020-

Fault and security test

It is mainly for stacking machines, shuttle cars, conveyor and so on.

There are about 30 kinds of failures of stacking machines. The safety tests include loose rope, over tolerance, overweight and limit switches. Fork overrun, overheat protection and broken rope protection are not tested. In addition, the key point is the empty cargo and the double entry protection of cargo location.

The safety test of the shuttle vehicle is concentrated on over tolerance and overweight protection. In addition, the key points of testing are double warehousing and empty cargo collection.

The key points of safety testing for conveyor are light load and heavy load stopping, shifting location, overtime protection and so on.

Activity test

Conveyors and shuttle cars are capable of passing capacity. When testing, it is usually required to connect to the system.Otherwise it will be difficult to test.

The operation capacity of stacker is in accordance with FEM 9.851. For the content of FEM 9.851, please refer to the relevant information.

Reliability test

Many people do not know what reliability is, so in the contract did not put forward reliability acceptance criteria, also do not carry out reliability acceptance. In fact, this is one of the most important indicators of complex system acceptance.

The system reliability index is described by the system availability index. According to the requirement of FEM 9.851, the availability index of a system is calculated according to the following formula:

F = (T0-T1) /T0*100%

Among them:

F represents the availability of the system, expressed in percentage;

T0 is the total time of homework. It is generally required to test continuously for 5 days, 8 hours per day.

T1 is the total equivalent fault time;

The so-called equivalent failure time refers to the equivalent influence of parallel subsystem failure time on the whole system. For example, if ASRS has 10 stackers, then any 1 stacker failures, its equivalent factor of only 1/10, that is, the equivalent time of the failure is only 1/10 of the actual failure time. For WMS and WCS systems, the equivalent factor is 1. Refer to FEM 9.851 for basic knowledge of availability.

Under normal circumstances, the availability reaches 93%, which means that the system can be run on-line through preliminary acceptance. Through final acceptance, the availability can reach more than 97%.

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