How To Choose A Cold Chain Storage Directly And Reasonably(1 Of 2)

- Jul 17, 2020-

Cold chain storage is the use of temperature control facilities to create a suitable temperature and humidity environment and to store and store the goods. Only the storage goods in the optimal temperature and humidity environment, can ensure the quality and performance of storage goods, prevent deterioration, and reduce loss.

Cold chain storage is also a cryogenic storage process based on refrigeration technology and refrigeration technology. If the control of the cold chain storage process is not accurate enough, the quality of the goods will be reduced, as well as the changes in the structure, the change of color, the damage in collision and extrusion, and the reproduction of the microorganism. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the efficient operation mode of packaging and storage in cold chain storage, storage and transportation and management, temperature and humidity recorder or temperature and humidity monitoring system, cold chain data management platform and so on. It can effectively improve and optimize the cold chain storage management process and make it conform to relevant regulations and standards, so that the enterprise can operate at the cost of operation. To find the best balance between quality control and quality control, so as to fully protect the quality of products and create sustained value growth for customers.

1. Unit and standardization of cold chain storage

Cold chain storage system mainly includes pallets and other units, all kinds of shelves, handling equipment, temperature and humidity monitoring system and management information system. It is the basis for determining the whole cold chain standard to standardize the loading unit and integrated unit of cold chain storage, including the size of the packaging unit of the shelf, the size of the bracket and other supporting facilities.

Cold chain storage has a high requirement for storage equipment and storage environment. In the planning and design of cold chain storage system, the technical dimensions of all cold chain docking facilities are directly related to the size of all cold chain docking facilities due to the non-standardization and customization of the load unit of cold chain storage and the integration unit, and the number of basic technologies for the design and planning of cold chain storage facilities. According to one of the sources, it directly affects the establishment, design and optimization of the storage system solutions, the storage capacity of the storage equipment and the operating efficiency of the handling equipment, and the storage management and operation service between the third party cold chain enterprises. Therefore, the realization of the unit and standardization of cold chain storage can reduce the total cost of the logistics system and obtain the best economic benefit by the optimal allocation of the resources, and the cold chain storage system can provide satisfactory service for the customers.

2. Control elements in cold chain storage environment

The control elements in cold chain storage include product characteristics, cold chain storage equipment, processing technology and operation management.

The control factors of product characteristics include raw material quality and storage resistance. The storage temperature conditions, cooling methods and unit packaging requirements of different raw materials will be different. The quality changes of the refrigerated products mainly depend on the controllable range of the temperature of the thermometer, the temperature influence of the stored items, even the temperature gradient between the surface temperature and the inner temperature of the stored articles, and the influence on the quality of the products. Data show that the quality loss of food exposed to normal temperature for 1 hours may be equivalent to the loss of quality stored for half a year at -20.

The control factors of cold chain storage equipment include: the quantity and quality of the cold chain storage equipment, the layout and control mode in the warehouse, the temperature and humidity monitoring system and the management and operation platform, the low temperature environment and the storage and transportation tools.  The cold chain storage equipment suitable for cold storage and refrigeration is selected to ensure that the cold chain storage environment meets the requirements of environmental temperature, humidity, gas composition, health and so on.

The control elements of processing conditions include: cold chain storage technology level, packaging conditions and cleanliness level.

The control elements of human condition include: management mode, express operation and food care.

The factors that affect the effects of cold storage or freezing include the biochemical characteristics of storage, the cooling method and the cold storage conditions, such as the proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the cold chain storage environment, in order to slow the physiological and biochemical reaction of fresh products and prolong the shelf life of the stored items.

Some factors are interrelated, such as cold chain storage equipment conditions have direct impact on the processing technology, management and operation process.

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