How To Choose Cold Chain Storage Solution(2 Of 2)

- Jul 20, 2020-

3. Design and planning of rack steel structure in cold chain storage environment

Through the design planning and thinking of the rack structure in the cold chain storage environment, the focus of the design of the equipment related to the cold chain storage is analyzed, and each influence factor is strictly controlled. The performance advantages of equipment are fully played, and the characteristics of different equipment are complementation, from the angle of the whole system of cold chain storage. We should optimize, rationally layout and manage to achieve the best cold chain storage efficiency and serve the whole cold chain system.

a) Determine the size, link and structure of rack steel structure.

b) Identify the structural factors at the beginning of the design of steel racks.

c)Cold chain steel rack structure design planning must have a systematic view and a development view.

d) Other details of cold chain steel rack design.

According to the established plan of cold chain storage steel rack structure, reasonable layout of temperature and humidity monitoring nodes, signal feedback wiring, lighting system, transportation system and so on, the establishment of a perfect operation monitoring system and management operation platform, reasonable allocation of storage cargo, the establishment of a reasonable storage environment, frequency and order of storage. Ensure the quality and storage efficiency of cold chain storage.

4. How to choose cold chain storage solution

The main business of the cold chain logistics center at normal temperature includes storage storage, preliminary processing, and product display. The operation area includes physical goods area, temporary storage area, normal temperature area, cool area, cold zone, cryopreservation area, display area, circulation processing area, picking area, waste concentration area, business district and so on. It needs to analyze the cold chain logistics center. Functional area, equipment layout, logistics direction and operation process, according to the analysis of the logistics data between the functional areas, find out the area of frequent internal logistics and relatively less logistics area, determine the close degree of each functional area, and then combine the planning and use area of the operating unit, design the layout and simulate the transportation reasonably. OK, to determine a relatively reasonable solution for cold chain storage. The steel rack structure and its type are one of the most important application technologies, which directly determine the storage, the shortest and longest storage period, the turnover rate and the operation efficiency of the warehouse.

At present, the most common forms of steel rack structure in cold chain storage system include: drive in rack, push back rack, gravity rack,mobile rack, mezzanine and steel platform, radio shuttle system, ASRS and so on. In addition, the storage, stacking storage, or other low density storage racks, such as the pallet type rack structure and the cantilever rack structure, can be adopted according to the characteristics of the storage items, the storehouse structure and the operation mode. The first standard of the cold chain storage solution evaluation is suitable, efficient and feasible to meet the needs of the customers. Secondly, it is the economy of the cold chain storage solution itself, in order to compare or rationally integrate the advantages of the cold chain storage solutions, and to establish a suitable evaluation index according to the operation results of the actual cases.

With the data statistics and calculation, the same 2000 warehouse, the shuttle storage solution can increase the capacity of the warehouse by 1.8 times, reduce the building cost by 30%, and establish a low cost, efficient and intelligent cold chain storage system, which can not only reduce the long-term operation cost of the customers, but also can significantly improve the customer's logistics response speed. Degree and efficiency.

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