How To Combine The Logistics With The New Retailing(1 Of 11)

- Jul 23, 2020-

The new retail scene brands / sales channels of traders is offline, online channels, diversified and personalized demand, randomization has become the norm, and with the support of the sales logistics, procurement and logistics will need faster response, higher efficiency and more agile response.

So, for the logistics business opportunity appeared, because brands, traders and early in general have a certain storage resources, not all sales channels, can barely through the socialization of the storage system and self-storage system to meet the demand of the plan, but the new retail, under the data, fragmentation, personalization demand, brands will face enormous pressure and storage cost of transportation response, will adjust its warehouse management and logistics network, the logistics providers, through undertaking brands warehousing needs, establish warehousing service system of distribution type, and join the cloud WMS/OMS technology support system will help brands / trader accelerate the flow, reduce the storage cost and sales cost of performance, it will be very important in the future demand, worthy of attention.

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