How To Combine The Logistics With The New Retailing(3 Of 11)

- Jul 25, 2020-

The brands will face a variety of personalized sales channels, electricity providers, micro shops, business distributors, traders in the category, speed, delivery and other aspects of aging in the new retail, traditional sales chain is completely broken, from the production base to wholesalers and retailers to the electricity supplier warehouse, warehouse, and retail the stores will face different logistics demand, the traditional 3PL+ + mode is only suitable for the city railway line, the electricity supplier logistics mode emerging business platform can only meet the requirements, and still faces many uncertainties, due to the lack of 3PL solutions and service capacity, lack of logistics network, also faces many challenges.

Under such circumstances, a professional logistics warehouse distribution system will focus on integration mode and application of brands / traders to B end retail channels have become the growth point, this type of logistics providers in a distributed storage resources (integrated warehouse, warehouse and warehouse management generation join etc.) and dry line integration capability and regional logistics capability. Warehouse operation of integrated logistics services to provide professional, brands can improve the response speed and reduce the cost of brand business channel layout; the future will become one of the highlights of the new retail logistics business transformation.

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