How To Combine The Logistics With The New Retailing(8 Of 11)

- Jul 30, 2020-

Consumer demand side changes new retail appear, but this change is not in the domestic war frequency, more important extends to buy global sell global, for domestic brands, your future consumer is not only domestic consumers, will also be the global consumers for foreign brands, especially local the characteristics of brand, your future consumers not only local customers, will also have the opportunity to usher in a Chinese trillion level market.

This change in the background of the industry, given the cross-border logistics brings hitherto unknown opportunities, so we see quite a prophetic vision of logistics enterprise decisive extended supply chain, cut cross-border procurement, cross-border positions, cross-border distribution and other one-stop supply chain services, this service mode is now being accelerated evolution, the future is expected to become the driving force the key of new retail globalization, we should pay attention to.

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