How To Combine The Logistics With The New Retailing(9 Of 11)

- Jul 31, 2020-

Since 10 years of traditional 3PL and emerging electricity supplier logistics service providers have been with their force for the market, but now the time has past stock market increment, optimize all channels and the owner demands coming, more and more brands and large traders expect to find a comprehensive logistics set B2B +B2B traditional electricity supplier logistics distribution logistics delivery logistics +B2C as one of the solutions for service providers, in order to realize the optimization of supply chain, reduce overall supply chain costs and transaction services, enhance the response ability of the whole network.

However, because when offline channels under the logistics system and the online channel electricity supplier logistics system has not been fully integrated, and their own characteristics, which also demands can only be shelved, but with the new retail is speeding up, the next line and the line will be fully open, data, information, system, platform, category, inventory will be fully shared this will give rise to all channels, logistics service providers with the dual characteristics of 2B+2C, from the current observation, the traditional 3PL or the new electricity supplier logistics providers have the opportunity, the key to see who can learn the essence of all channels in the logistics operation system, support system, management mechanism and resources integration mode, the next two force, even does not rule out the dark horse out, will face a battle.

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