How To Combine The Logistics With The New Retailing(10 Of 11)

- Aug 01, 2020-

The essence of new retail is still avoiding the common sense of retail, which is to create low cost and efficient realization of commodity exchange value through transaction network, and to satisfy users' experience needs of commodity value.

This requires the supply chain participants need to rationalize the industrial division and collaboration, both the business tycoon, or traditional retail giants will need to be more focused and their core competitiveness, and gradually through the integration of capital, cooperation, strategic cooperation and other forms of non-core business outsourcing, different supply chain or different enterprises the core focus is different, the possible outsourcing areas are different, some are in the end, some are purchasing distribution end, some IT end, also some main transportation, city transportation, there are also some storage building, warehouse management and so on, which is in transition for logistics the enterprise, which requires us to mining non-core value point target of the new retail, and their core competitiveness internalization, how can the common program IT force, ability, social logistics resources management capacity, service capacity, distribution network, door-to-door service network and so on, it will be a long-term process of exploration, but with the scale, standardization and network speed, is likely to drive the traditional logistics providers to achieve supply chain service upgrades, worthy of attention.

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