How To Design The Display Board Of Warehouse (2 Of 2)

- Aug 11, 2020-

4. Warehouse management: Display board management cannot solve the backlog or shortage of inventory in the warehouse. After adopting display board management management, the quantity of materials received from the warehouse is controlled in the quantity of the display board management, and the quantity of the materials ordered by the warehouse cannot exceed the quantity of the display board management, so that the problem of overstock can be partially solved.In the extensive use of display board management mode in automobile manufacturing industry, in order to solve the problem of warehouse management, often using the warehouse outsourcing supplier management method, the supplier should be able to provide the required materials, receive material on the production line at the same time that the material transfer of ownership. In essence, the burden of inventory management is lost to the supplier, and the supplier takes the risk of the inventory funds.The precondition is to conclude a long-term order with the supplier. The supplier reduces the risk and expense of the sale, and is willing to take the risk of overstock.

5. WIP management in production line:In order to realize the JIT process, the quantity of WIP is controlled in the quantity of display board, and the key is to determine a reasonable and effective quantity of display board.

6. Technical support:Some enterprises ignore the technical support system of display board management, which leads to the failure in practice. According to the Toyota Auto Body Co of Japan's experience, simply adopt the rationalization of display board management cannot fully realize the production process, should start from the reasonable production process, improve working method, improve production conditions, and then gradually transition to the display board management. From this we can see whether the technical support system is the key to the implementation of display board management.

7. The quality of personnel:Display board management for the enterprises not only employees can standardized work under normal circumstances, also asked the staff to solve the various problems in the production process as soon as possible, ensure smooth production process.

8. The applicable industry: JIT production methods are relatively narrow scope, usually only using assembly line manufacturing or assembly of enterprises only use. The typical industry is the automobile industry. But the JIT production in some management thoughts such as: to eliminate waste and excess production, flexible production planning, equipment control, full participation in the improvement activities and so on, for all enterprises is meaningful.

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