How To Design The Supermarket Distribution Center Warehouse(1 Of 2)

- Aug 13, 2020-

The tasks, principles and basic requirements of the overall design

The task of the overall design is to determine the relative position of the buildings and structures according to the location of the distribution center, the geological conditions, the mode of transportation, the size, the facilities, and the business nature and so on. The traffic and transportation lines and the subsidiary works are set up reasonably for the safety, convenience, more storage and improvement of the goods. The quality of distribution service creates favorable conditions.

1. The basic principles of the overall design of the distribution center

a)Guarantee safety

The safety mentioned here includes two aspects: fire prevention and waterproofing. Fire prevention is a primary task of distribution center management. We must start from the location of warehouses. On the one hand, we should consider the safety of stored goods; on the other hand, we should consider the safety of the stored goods to the surrounding environment. If the storage of the distribution center is flammable and explosive, it should be located in the outskirts of the city, and located in the lower wind of the city's leading wind direction, and to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment. In overall design, segregated storage should be classified according to the fire danger degree of dangerous goods. In the overall design, we should give full attention to it. For example, outdoor firefighting equipment should be installed along both sides of the main channel of the distribution center, and the distance should not exceed 100 meters.

b) Meet the requirements of use

The overall design of distribution centers should follow the applicable principles. The so-called application is that the overall design should be able to meet the requirements of various types of distribution centers. All types of distribution centers have a common requirement in the use of goods and distribution methods, which are to be conveniently shipped and safekeeping, maintenance work, and to ensure the rapid import and export of goods. In the overall design, the maximum throughput of the warehouse should be sought. Throughput is a symbol of the overall design of a distribution center or a technical and economic indicator. It refers to the sum of the quantity of the incoming and outgoing goods of the distribution center in a certain period of time.

c) Meet the economic requirements

The economy is embodied in the following aspects:

The overall design should make the layout compact, not only to ensure the necessary spacing between buildings, but also to save land, so as to reduce construction investment.

The overall design should be beneficial to the full use of various facilities and equipment, to ensure the effective use of various facilities and equipment, and to improve the efficiency of labor and the economic benefits of the distribution center.

2. The basic requirements of the overall design

a) The plane layout should conform to the operation process of the distribution center, facilitate various operations, and improve the efficiency of operation. The service of the distribution center is linked all round, so every operating place should be set up according to the flow of goods, make each work link close closely, so as to prevent the clogging of goods and accelerate the collection and delivery and other operations.

b) Reduce the movement distance of warehousing goods and warehousing staff as far as possible, so as to improve the handling efficiency and save storage costs.

c) The layout of buildings should make full use of the terrain and reduce the amount of earthwork.

d) Vehicles are easy to get in and out. Vehicles should be diverged and separated from each other, and the flow of goods into and out of the warehouse should be avoided as far as possible.

e) The overall design should be beneficial to the safety of the whole warehouse and meet the needs of fire prevention.

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