How To Determine The Planning Of A Warehouse

- Aug 15, 2020-

We have said too much about how to arrange the layout of the warehouse, but we seldom talk about how to determine the planning of a warehouse. This article will talk about all aspects of the warehouse planning.

Modern warehousing plays an extremely important role in the process of enterprise development. It can reflect the modernization level of an enterprise's warehouse management. A good warehouse planning can improve the overall operation speed of the enterprise, and thus better serve the enterprise. Therefore, how to do well warehouse planning is one of the key factors that affect the development of enterprises. In this paper, Hercules is to share several aspects of warehouse planning, so that enterprise storage can be better and more smoothly run.

1. The overall layout of the warehouse. According to the needs of the warehouse production and management, all the facilities of the whole warehouse are planned, the production, auxiliary production, administrative and other places are determined, the distribution and determination of the warehouse, operation, road, and doorman and so on are made and different kinds of facilities and buildings are distinguished. For example, you can set up special storage rack area, picking area, office area and so on.

2.The specialized division of labor in the warehouse. The use and function of all uses and functions have been determined by the principle of professional planning, generally classified according to the storage species, and the specialized warehouse can be divided according to different operation methods. For example, species need to be differentiated from FIFO and advanced out of service to improve warehouse efficiency.

3.The division of labor and the scope of management of the warehouse staff. According to the management scope of warehouse staff, we should determine the management scope of the class and group, and confirm the duty and duty of the warehouse.

4. Arrangement and use of warehouse location, operation route and warehouse operation.

5. the future development of warehouse includes the development strategy and scale of warehouse (warehouse expansion, transformation, warehouse stimulation, storage capacity growth, etc.) as well as the development level of warehouse mechanization and the direction of technical transformation, such as the mechanization and automation level of warehouse.

6. the main economic indicators of the warehouse, such as the utilization rate of the main facilities of the warehouse, labor productivity, storage capacity of warehouse, material turnover, utilization of storage capacity, storage and transportation quality, etc.

The warehouse planning is the overall design of the reservoir area on the basis of the rational distribution and correct selection of the warehouse. This design can affect or even determine the level of modern warehousing and the direction of the development of the enterprise.

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