How To Determine The Quality Of Mezzanine

- Aug 16, 2020-

1. Rack welding process, this is also best identified, carefully look at the welding place will know whether good or not. (Welding quality can be judged from the following: 1. Weld appearance forming 2. weld specific size 3. non-destructive testing 4. hardness testing 5. destructive testing for physical and chemical testing)

2. At present, there is no unified production standard for rack material and rack material. The best rack material in China is SS400 and Q235. Welfor's Q235 steel supplier is an old enterprise for many years. The high-quality steel supplier can guarantee the good quality of rack steel.

3. The structure of the rack depends on the number of hooks and the fastness of the beams. It also depends on the tightness of the hooks and the inner side of the uprights. The uprights depend on the uniform bending of the sections, the more uniform the better.

4. The surface treatment of the rack is smooth and uniform.

5. The stability of mezzanine is the key to the stability of a rack system. It is determined by the design of mezzanine. In the stage of steel structure design, if there is no perfect design, the mezzanine produced stably cannot guarantee the stability. The calculation and analysis of mezzanine can be divided into two stages. The first stage is the application environment of steel structure and rack, which determines the distribution structure and stress analysis, load and internal force, displacement and stress-strain decomposition elements of various components of the joint. The second stage is to design or test each component to ensure that you have enough components and structures. The bearing capacity and stability, safety and stability of the rack steel structure should have enough bearing capacity, must be in normal use, not exceeding limited deformation, workers should pay attention to the operation according to the regulations.

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