How To Determine The Quality Of Rack

- Aug 17, 2020-

Nowadays there are many rack suppliers on the market. It is easy to judge the quality if you are in this industry. For most customers who don’t know how to tell, Nanjing Welfor will show you 4 good ways by taking heavy duty storage racking for an example:

1.Determine by rack material.

Usually heavy duty storage racking is mainly made by cold-rolled steel but few can meet the requirements of international standard. It is mainly due to customers’high sensibility of price. A simple way is to do an experiment with the sample rack which customer has agreed on. For example, if customer agreed on 3-layer rack with loading capacity of 2000kgs per layer, suppliers can make their own sample racks, put them together, and put 2000kgs goods on every rack. Wait for a few days to see if any rack is distorted. When mass produce, customer can just check the quality according to the sample rack.

2.Determine by rack structure.

Check the sample rack to see if it is perfectly assembled with no obvious gap.

3.Determine by rack appearance.

Observe the sample rack carefully to see if the rack is perfectly powder-coated. Pay special attention to the parts with holes on them.

4.Determine by welding.

You should examine the quality of rack’s weld junction, and see if there are any parts miss-welded.

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