How To Distinguish Light Duty Rack And Angle Steel Rack

- Aug 18, 2020-

Light dutyrack and angle steel rack are the two most common in storage racks. They are often confused.

Angle steel rack features:

1.Small bearing, poor stability, the maximum load theory of each layer is 150KG, but the actual use of consideration and stability and safety problems, the maximum weight generally recommended 50-100KG.

2.Angle steelrack price is cheap and from the displaying the appearance is more beautiful.

Light duty rack features:

Light rack stability and carrying capacity is better than angle steel rack. The light rack column adopts C type steel, and the vertical column is also loaded with transverse braces and inclined braces, so the stability is stronger. At the same time, the laminate of the light rack is larger in the 2 P beams, so its bearing is also larger.

Then we should recommend angle steel racks or light shelving for our customers. We need to make clear the following points:

The weight of the goods to be placed by the customer:

1.If each layer of goods can choose angle steel racks at about 50KG, if each level of goods is above 50KG, then choose light goods racks.

2.The customer's purchase rack is what to do, if the customer pays attention to the appearance, it is recommended to choose the corner rack; if the goods are mainly used to store the goods, the light rack is recommended.

3.Customers can accept the price, the price must be angle steel rack has more advantages; but on the stability and safety of light goods racks better.

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