How To Extend The Working Life Of Warehouse Racking

- Aug 21, 2020-

1. Timed change maintenance paint, cut rust, do a good job of checking, are there screws loose, local fixed in time, do a good ventilation, keep the warehouse cannot excessive moisture.

2. Avoid excessive sunlight irradiation, reasonable ventilation of racking,and avoid wet goods placed on shelves, as far as possible drainage dehumidification.

3. Depending on the racking type or channel width. Install guardrail in the direction of the passageway.

4. Cargos placed on the racking need to load less than. It is better for warehouse manager to make the load limit mark on the shelf. To follow the shelf bottom heavy light standards, that is, the bottom weight, high-level light.

5. Heavy and high-rise racking, warehouses must be equipped with stacker crane, the use and operation of stacker crane is necessary, only by special person. Most of the warehouse racking uprights are deformed by non-designated personnel using stacker crane.

6. Different warehouse, not the same goods, each warehouse racking have different ways. Warehouse managers should draw up the racking use system, so that each staff will learn and abide by, is the ultimate way to achieve the policy.

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