How To Improve Space Utilization Of Warehouse

- Jul 11, 2020-

In order to greatly improve the utilization of warehouse, scientific and reasonable position planning is essential, but also an important means to maximize the use of space. The position of the planning mainly includes area layout, position setting and packing mode planning.

1. Allocation mark

Each storage position has a fixed size, it is best to use standard packaging containers. Standard packaging, the goods for the labeling, maintenance, inspection, and transportation will be very convenient. Each container is marked with the storage of materials, combined with the bar code technology. Warehousing and inventory management can achieve system automation, to bring great convenience to the work.

2. FIFO (first in first out)

The goods should be placed in line with the principle of first in first out. A lot of goods in the first place, then the goods on the outside, there is no way out of the first out of the. It is best to put the goods in two rows.Both sides can be unloaded, which will be able to do FIFO. If the three rows can be made, but this is often a row inside put advanced to the goods, so be sure to do a conveyor belt, put things above, a button press, side of the goods out from here, to keep piling up goods reasonable access to accelerate the circulation of goods the speed of.

3. Space utilization

Improve warehouse utilization can make full use of warehouse height. The height of the rational use of space, the weight of the goods on the bottom, small things should be at the top, 00 pieces of goods should be placed at the top, heavy goods or large should be placed below, so easy to take.

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