How To Keep Storage Racking In Good Condition

- Aug 22, 2020-

We all know that storage racking is made of steel. It is necessary to maintain and use storage racking in a right way. If you can keep it in good condition, not only the damage will be greatly reduced, but also the cost will be reasonably saved. Also, if you can keep storage racking in good condition, your warehouse system can be operated normally for a very long time even though it can be managed by different people in different period.

Welfor will give you some suggestions on how to keep storage racking in good condition:

1. Although the surface of storage racking was treated with various process, you always need to avoid damp when use. Wipe the racking especially the joint part carefully after being exposed in wet environment, otherwise it is very easy to rust.

2. Do not exceed the loading capacity when storing. Every kind of storage racking has its own loading capacity, no matter pallet racking, cantilever racking, longspan racking or angle racking etc. Loading capacity is determined when designing storage racking. It can be very dangerous to exceed the loading capacity.

3. Pay attention to goods dimensions. Goods dimension should be smaller than the storage racking dimension by at least 100mm.

4. Be careful when storing and retrieving to avoid running into racking.

5. Put light goods on upper levels and heavy goods on bottom levels.

6. Choose standard pallets with good quality.

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