How To Layout The Storage Rack Of E-commerce

- Aug 23, 2020-

Efficient and frequent use of e-commerce warehouse, but also requires the existence of racks more convenient to use, stable operation characteristics. According to the actual needs of e-commerce enterprises, the allocation of racks to meet the actual needs of different types of goods choose different structures and different audiences, different materials made of storage racks, we must make these racks easy to use, more convenient service to the warehouse management and delivery personnel. Large electronic business platform has a large inventory and a wide variety of products. The racks should be designed reasonably to facilitate the loading and unloading of forklift, elevator and other equipment; the layout is reasonable, the space is sufficient, more conducive to the administrator's pick-up or management. The electronic business platform often carries on the regular promotion activity, sets the higher request to the delivery speed. This requires our warehouse racks, especially large warehouse racks in the initial design and selection of more reasonable.

(1) The difference between e-commerce retail storage and traditional enterprise storage.

The biggest difference between the use of e-commerce warehouse racks and offline shopping malls is that the demand for e-commerce warehouse racks, especially light warehouse racks, is huge. A warehouse is often ordered by thousands of units. Therefore, the layout of electronic storage racks is even more important. E-commerce is characterized by commodity warehousing, small commodities out of the warehouse, the process means that businesses have to go through a lot of process. It is said that products must be classified according to their varieties.Each product has its own barcode and its own cargo location. So we have to sort and classify storage racks from every district to every rack. Then subdivide it to every layer of storage rack and subdivide it to each cargo location. Therefore, the light storage rack has its own unique advantages, easy to move, easy to assemble and disassemble.

(2) Layout of warehouses -- storage racks.

Warehouse layout, the most important thing is storage racks. Whether the shelving is scientific or not determines whether the picking route is reasonable. What is the picking route according to the rack design, or the location of the rack according to the picking route? In fact, the two are interacting, in the end is to change the warehouse racks, or change the picking method, which depends on the seller at what stage.

Generally speaking, the new warehouse can be designed according to the picking route storage racks placed; and a warehouse has been placed goods, to change the racks will have to consume a large amount of labor. Therefore, the lower cost of old warehouse improvement is to change the picking route, picking methods, and gradually adjusts the goods in the storage racks on the location.

(3) Location of goods on storage racks.

There are two pieces of merchandise: the suitablerack, the right place on the rack. The seller adjusts the location of the goods according to different sales conditions. The location of goods should be guided by the following 2 principles:

A.Sales volume or promotional items should be placed near the racks or at the entrance of the warehouse.

B.Sales volume or promotional items should be placed in the gold position in the middle of the gold rack.

The reason why the warehouse racks near the exit of the warehouse are not placed on the sale of large goods, because the goods in the middle of the racks do not need the picker stoop pad foot, conducive to rapid picking, rapid shipment. Small sales of products are placed on the bottom or top of the rack.

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