How To Plan On Storage Racking For E-commerce

- Aug 25, 2020-

1.On the layout of storage racking

The arrangement of storage racking must be suitable for logistics management of E-commerce. Fully communicate and discuss on the project. For example, storage racking for new products should be listed in the forefront, then popular products and common products, then unsalable products. It will be convenient for you to access goods. Also, when a lot of racks are empty or taken, you also should adjust the layout of storage racking to ensure efficiency accordingly. Moreover, you should take workshop’s capacity and management process into consideration. In this way, the aisles will never be blocked when warehouse is busy.

2.On the type of storage racking

There are many kinds of storage racking who are different in functions and loading capacity. You must choose the right kind of racking according to product type, specification, weight. For example, choose heavy duty racking for large goods, and choose mezzanine for light goods with a great variety.

3.On design of storage racking

E-commerce may involve shoes, cloth, cosmetics, and household electric appliances. Put separators on shoes racking to prevent shoes of different brands and sizes from confusing. Customize boxes for specific cosmetics. And put on back plate to prevent goods from falling off.

4.On goods delivery

To meet the requirement of fast delivery of goods, E-commerce storage racking should adopt lift platforms and slide to ensure goods delivery when experience an electricity cutoff.

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