How To Prevent The Collapse Of Storage Racks

- Aug 27, 2020-

1. Choose and use the racks correctly, plan the layout rationally and design the storage space.

In combination with the current market environment and application requirements, two aspects should be paid attention to when choosing the racks. It is necessary to select the appropriate weight bearing racks according to the characteristics of the goods and the quality of the racks itself, according to the weight of the goods stored, and to save the cost and take into account the rack itself under the premise of meeting the requirements. Bearing, life and safety, when buying, it is necessary to compare the racks, choose the rack with reliable quality and stable performance, and cannot overload in the process of use, especially the high rack, and must not be overloaded.

Reasonable storage space layout planning is also closely related to the daily safety operation. It is conducive to the safety and integrity of warehouse storage materials. It helps to reduce the workload of warehouse workers and reduce unnecessary duplication of labor. The rational layout of the warehouse is also conducive to the smooth access of various passages, ensuring the safety of all kinds of personnel in the warehouse.

2. The protection, protection, preventive measures and equipment should be adopted and applied.

Such as the use of guardrails; use grid or grid on the rack, avoid the tray down, cause serious consequences; for personnel safety training in time and in place, and landing, not only oral, formalism. If the material plane cannot exceed 2.5 meters in order to prevent the dumping, the goods on the rack should always check the stability to prevent the falling objects from hurting people. In the process of loading and unloading of the forklift, it is necessary to operate smoothly according to the characteristics of the goods, in order to prevent the slant from falling, and the correct safety of the equipment and so on.

3. Change the old rack in time

Warehousing racks are usually made of metal and have certain load-bearing strength to withstand the pressure of goods. In many cases, storage racks do not need to pay attention to appearance like other products, but stability, process problems and use time have gradually become the most important issues for the consumers to buy storage racks. Everyone knows that any product has a time limit for its use. If the limit is still in use, it is easy to cause a variety of problems. If you do not pay attention, it may cause the problem of life security.

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