How To Prolong The Rack Service Life

- Aug 28, 2020-

There are many factors affecting the service life of storage racks, such as temperature, humidity, light, ventilation and so on. If the humidity of the warehouse is too large, it will lead to the rusting of the racks, reduce the load bearing capacity of the racks, and reduce the service life. So what can we do to extend the rack life of storage racks?

Today, Welfor will talk about how to maintain storage racks:

1.Regularly smear the protective paint, reduce rust, do a good routine inspection, whether there is a loose screw in a timely fixed place, do a good job in timely ventilation, keep the warehouse cannot be excessive moisture.

2.Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, reasonably ventilate racks, prevent wet goods from being placed on racks, and drain dehumidification as far as possible.

3.According to different racks, channel width and conveyance tools with a set of collision prevention column. Set up the collision guard at the channel position.

4.The weight of goods placed on the racks must be within the rack load. Warehouse operators should better load bearing and load marks on racks. We should follow the principle of light weight on the bottom of the rack, that is, lay heavy objects at the bottom, and lighten up the upper floors.

5.Heavy and high-rise storehouses must be equipped with power pushing cars. The use and operation of pushing cars must be operated only by licensed persons. The deformation of most of the columns of the warehouse is caused by the use of the pushing car without the designated personnel.

6.Stipulate the system of the use of racks. Different warehouses, different goods, each warehouse has different ways of using racks. Warehouse managers should make use of the rack system, so that every rack user can learn and abide by it, which is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.

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