How To Reasonably Display The Warehouse Racks

- Jul 12, 2020-

In the warehouse equipment, racks are used exclusively for storage to take care of equipment items. Racks occupy a very essential position in logistics and warehouse storage. Along with the rapid development of modern industry, material flow rate has been increased. In order to achieve warehouse management and enhance the function of warehouse, not only requires the number of racks, but also has the advantages of multiple functions. It can be realized the mechanization and automation requirements.

Racks play a very important role in the modern logistics activities. The affection and function of warehouse racks are as follows:

1. Warehouse racks, convenient storage, portability and measurement, can be achieved FIFO

2. Many new shelf structures and functions are conducive to mechanization and warehouse management automation

3. Storage rack is a frame structure, which can make full use of warehouse space, improve storage utilization, and expand storage capacity

4. In order to ensure the quality of goods storage, moisture-proof and dustproof, anti-theft and anti-damage measures can be adopted to improve the quality of the goods stored

5. The goods stored on the shelf are not mutually extruded, and the material loss is small, so as to ensure the function of the consumables and reduce the loss of the goods

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