How To Save The Cost By Using Shuttle Rack

- Sep 01, 2020-

It is an indisputable fact that shuttle rack has been well received by SMEs in recent years. They have their own characteristics, making it more efficient in the limited space than other general storage racks, with many other traditional racks that are not available. In recent years, how do SMEs use the shuttle rack system to save money?

In order to save land cost, small and medium-sized enterprises often need to improve storage capacity and operation efficiency in limited space, so they can only seek a turnaround in storage equipment. Then it will be said that the shuttle rack system is relatively inexpensive compared to other rack forms, but the cost advantage is obvious compared to the increase in the land added to the equipment.

Shuttle rack is somewhat similar to the drive in rack, but compared with them, they have many special features. They all use forklifts at the same time, but the shuttle rack is just a forklift to put the goods on one end of the shuttle, and then the steps are given to the shuttle car. Drive in rack needs the fork to go inside the racks to carry on the goods and take the goods, thus reducing or avoiding the possible damage to the racks. From storage capacity, it has obviously higher storage advantages than heavy rack, push back rack and gravity rack. Although through racks are also intensive inventory, but in terms of stability and safety, compared with shuttle rack slightly deficient.

Of course, the biggest advantage of shuttle rack is their automatic storage mode.

In the field of automated warehousing, compared with the ASRS, the cost of building is also more advantageous. In many small and medium-sized enterprises, the shuttle rack system between the upgrading of the original and the better storage rack system will be the best choice. In the terminal controlled shuttle system, the FIFO or FILO function can be flexibly selected according to the actual situation. And because of its automatic design and operation advantages, it is very suitable for the use of extreme warehouses, such as cold storage, so as to reduce the activities of personnel as much as possible and improve the practical work efficiency.

The technical difficulty of shuttle rack: one of the core parts of shuttle rack is shuttle car, which is also the main part of its automation. In this way, the demand for it is very high. Because its operation is controlled by remote terminal, it is very important to ensure its normal communication and long-term operation within the design range.

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